Monday, August 18, 2008

chsec - reset the failed login count for a user in IBM AIX

To reset the "unsuccessful_login_count" variable of a user in IBM AIX

# chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a "unsuccessful_login_count=0" -s user


chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a "unsuccessful_login_count=0" -s user


Nikhil V. Shah said...

wouldn't this command work successfully ?

chuser "unsuccessful_login_count=0" uid

If account_locked is true, resetting the login count to zero would make account_locked=false ?

Satish said...

You can use "chuser" command also. I don't think that account_locked value will get changed if you reset the "unsuccessful_login_count".

Thomas said...

So, how do you reset the user id, without using smitty?

Anonymous said...

Thanks works exactly as advertised.