Friday, August 13, 2010

How to set a static routes in AIX

You can use the route command to set a static route. But this way you don't get it back after reboot.
To make a route persistent you need to change inet0. First check which routes are already set:
 # lsattr -El inet0 -a route
 route net,-hopcount,0,,0, Route True
 route net,-hopcount,,,,,,, Route True

These routes would be set with:
 # chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,-hopcount,0,,0,
 # chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,-hopcount,,,,,,,

To remove these specific static routes:
 # chdev -l inet0 -a delroute=net,-hopcount,0,,0,
 # chdev -l inet0 -a delroute=net,-hopcount,,,,,,,

In this route string is the netmask, the destination net, and the gateway.
For hostroutes the keyword net has to be replaced with host.

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